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         Although Tastee Buddies was established in 2013 by two young striving entrepreneurs from Milwaukee, Wi., it's taken several years of trial an error and learning experiences to develop the establishment's success that you see today.


   In early 2017, C.E.O Chef, J.L. Patterson, received his Culinary Arts associate's degree from the Windham district of Edinburg, Tx. under the supervision and training of Master Chef, D. Cantu. Chef Patterson learned numerous cooking techniques and styles such as French, Italian, American, Mexican, and Global cuisines.


          While studying under Chef Cantu, Patterson received training in numerous positions in the culinary brigade system, including chef de cuisine, sous chef, saucier, poissonies, garde manger, entremetier, legumier, pastry chef, baker, and decorator. Not only did Patterson receive hands on training in food preparation and supervision, he also was exposed to a wide variety of tasks requiring cleaning and sanitizing various utensils, equipment, and work areas.


      Chef Patterson's desire to be the best in the industry drove him to work and study at his maximum ability. As a result, he became the first student to achieve a perfect score on the culinary arts end of course exam in the Windham school district of Edinburg. In addition, Patterson also obtained his Serv-Safe Food Handler and Manager's certification as well as his O.S.H.A 10 hour training certificate.


    Prior to going to school for culinary arts, chef Patterson has received on the job training from a number of popular restaurants. Several of names such as Maggiano's, O' Charleys, Red Lobster, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Denny's are just to name a few.  Chef Patterson's knowledge, courtesy, professionalism, and love for creating delicious entrees are commonly practiced and displayed equally to each and every customer.


     Welcome to Tastee Buddies, where our mission is to not only serve you great tasting food that your taste buds will fall in love with, but also to deliver an all around amazing and unforgettable dining experience that you will share with your friends, family, coworkers, and social media followers! 

C.E.O. Chef J.L. Patterson


      Every now and then a golden opportunity comes along and presents itself to us at just the right time. You'll know it's right when you begin to venture into this new, great idea and everything begins to fall in place exactly as you planned it if not better. Tastee Buddies was that idea for C.E.O Chef J.L. Patterson.


  As migration numbers continue to increase for the state of Texas, new cuisines are are gaining popularity in the food service industry.  One, in particular, that has not shown up in Texas, as of yet, just happens to be our specialty here at Tastee Buddies.


      If you're from Milwaukee, Wi. chances are you've been privileged enough to enjoy a delicious corned beef sandwich from Jake's or Mc. Bob's on North Avenue. Unlike the corned beef that you would get at several popular restaurants in Houston, Tastee Buddies prepares juicy, tender, and flavorful smoked corned beef from scratch. Now if you've never experienced a REAL Milwaukee style corned beef brisket, you may be thinking "what's the big deal?! It's just corned beef!" It's not your fault. Unfortunately the delicacy that we were raised on in the north has been so poorly prepared and mis- represented  in Texas as an average, ham and cheese style sandwich, when it's, truly, so much more.

     Tastee Buddies is all about flavor filled gourmet sandwiches. Our Philly Cheesesteak is packed full of diced red and green bell peppers, onions and mushrooms, topped with numerous slices of provolone cheese and melted cheddar cheese with our signature steakhouse mayo, stacked on a footlong, griddle toasted, hoagie roll and served with our signature chicken battered Tastee fries and a soft drink. With so many different variations including substituting juicy diced chicken, adding hot peppers or bacon, or maybe topping it with our signature chili, your taste buds are guaranteed to never get tired of Tastee Buddies!

Office buildings

Are you employed at a location in Houston or the surrounding area that is located a nice distance from any food service facilities, and you're tired of rushing to grab food and get back before your lunch break ends?  If so, let us know, and we'll get in touch with your H.R. department to get approval to add your facility to our route. Let lunch come to you!



Night Clubs

Are you a nightclub owner, bouncer, or manager who would like to offer your patrons delicious food before they head home? Give Tastee Buddies a call or send us an email. We'll provide the food while you provide the fun. We are available to cater to night clubs and even after hours clubs that dont let out till 6am!

Private Catering

So you've got a big party planned for tomorrow. You've got the decorations, the D.J., the drinks, and all of the guests you invited are expected to show up, and you need to feed them.  Have no fear, Tastee Buddies is here! We'll have your guest's taste buds completely satisfied. Just be prepared to be the talk of the town for the next few weeks for hosting the best party ever! 

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